Golden Sparkler

0% / Volume (non-alcoholic)

With notes of citrus and jasmine, our Golden Sparkler is dry, complex, and full of velvety tannins. Hints of mint and sweet apple bring balance and vibrancy to every sip. Made with only real food ingredients and no added sugars. Our take-anywhere (8 oz) cans are perfect for when you don’t feel like opening a bottle.

Sold in 6-packs of 8oz cans

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Tasting Notes

A somm says… “Dry and complex, tannins pull forward, offering the perfect pucker, . On the nose, notes of mint linger, weaving into the sweetness of apple.”

A chef says… Lili Golden is a must have, perfect to pair with a simple goat cheese salad, white pizza with prosciutto or summer strawberry shortcake.

A friend says… “This was a mind-f*ck. I can’t believe there’s no alcohol.”

Enjoy with...

If you’re feeling fancy: Oysters, gruyere cheese, and grilled halibut.

If you’re feeling snacky: Fried chicken, cheese puffs, and apple pie a la mode.

Good for

Brunch with the in-laws, PTA meetings, and lunch on Tuesday.

Nutritional info

No Alcohol. No Added Sugars. No Funky Additives.

Serving size 5oz (148ml). Amount per serving: Calories 21; Total Fat 0g (0% DV); Sodium 1mg (<1% DV); Total Carbohydrate 4g (1% DV); Total Sugars 4g (Includes 0g Added Sugars); Protein 0g.

Just for fun

If Golden Sparkler were a song, it would be Free by Cat Power.


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