Lili started in our kitchen.

We love a celebration, but we wanted to take a breather from booze. When we couldn’t find anything to sip that hit the spot, we started making our own drinks at home. After sharing them with friends (spoiler: they loved them), we quickly realized that we weren’t the only ones craving a new take on bubbles.

Our love letter to California

Lili was born in Portola Valley, a spot on the eastern slope of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in California. We still make every bottle in our home state of California, and we think it’s a big part of what makes Lili so special.

The Best Ingredients

We're foodies...but we are health fanatics too. So when it came to our drinks, we started with the bounty from our garden. Even to this day, our drinks are magical mixes of real food ingredients - verjus, teas, fruit and botanicals.

Cheers! We hope you enjoy the bubbles!
Katie & Scott
Co-Founders & Co-Creators