Dry January needed Champagne.

The New Year & Dry January needs a booze free bubbly that knows how to celebrate.

So we set out to create a non-alcoholic champagne that Marilyn Monroe would approve of. Think mansion parties, bottomless brunches and wine nights without the booze.

That's what Lili is all about.  


Get to know our collection

Golden Sparkler

Imagine the mental oasis of pure bliss, self-content, and a bare-chested Ryan Gosling lookalike fanning you to a perfect temperature. That’s where Golden takes you.

Tasting Notes: Vibrant and complex, our Golden Sparkler has notes of citrus and jasmine balanced with fresh spearmint and sweet apples.

Rosé Sparkler

Our Rosé does not play. When everything is in its right place and just does what it’s supposed to do…that’s the spirit of our Rosé Sparkler. It’s perfection.

Tasting Notes: Dry and sophisticated, our Rosé Sparkler has notes of ripe strawberry and green melon, with a hint of floral tartness from organic hibiscus.

Ruby Sparkler

We’ve all found ourselves staring at a fire, entranced and not able to look away. Ruby is that fire. This sparkler is a captivating drama with a kick-you-into-action finale.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing and rich, our Ruby Sparkler has notes of jammy cherry and tart cranberries, with a hint of toasted oak.

Picking one flavor can be tough, so we make it easy with the Sparkler Trio Pack

Zesty microbubbles you can’t get enough of with none of the alcohol.