7 Reasons to Celebrate Dry January

1. Wake up feeling AMAZING.

Adding a glass of Kally in between your choice of wine or spirit will improve your sleep. So you can wake up feeling like the king or queen you are.

2. Better sex.

Drinking less alcohol brings about spurs in energy. This wave of rejuvenation is only going to have a positive impact in the bedroom. 😝

3. Start glowing.

Less alcohol = less dehydration, which means more water retention to keep your skin looking lush and bright

4. Better absorption of nutrients like vitamins B1 and B12.

Vitamin B is having its moment so we’re all about getting more of it.

5. Reduce the risk of depression.

Everyone knows alcohol is a depressant, simply drinking less makes you happier in the long run.

6. Improved mood.

Alcohol can cause increased stress, anxiety, guilt or confusion, stopping may help bring in those positive vibes and manifestations.

7. Lili's flavors are a mindf*ck.

From Golden to Rosé to Ruby, all of our flavors leave you thinking "holy sh… how do these exist?”


Get to know our three non-alcoholic flavors made with sparkling micro bubbles

Order now to keep your glass full all Dry January.

Golden Sparkler

Imagine the mental oasis of pure bliss, self-content, and a bare-chested Ryan Gosling lookalike fanning you to a perfect temperature. That’s where Golden takes you.

Tasting Notes: Vibrant and complex, our Golden Sparkler has notes of citrus and jasmine balanced with fresh spearmint and sweet apples.

Rosé Sparkler

Our Rosé does not play. When everything is in its right place and just does what it’s supposed to do…that’s the spirit of our Rosé Sparkler. It’s perfection.

Tasting Notes: Dry and sophisticated, our Rosé Sparkler has notes of ripe strawberry and green melon, with a hint of floral tartness from organic hibiscus.

Ruby Sparkler

We’ve all found ourselves staring at a fire, entranced and not able to look away. Ruby is that fire. This sparkler is a captivating drama with a kick-you-into-action finale.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing and rich, our Ruby Sparkler has notes of jammy cherry and tart cranberries, with a hint of toasted oak.