Sparkler Trio

Whether you’re hosting or toasting, the Sparkler Trio is ready to please any palate. Perfect for holiday gatherings, housewarming gifts, NYE parties or simply celebrating the fact that you made it through the day:

Golden: Notes of citrus, honey and jasmine balanced with velvety tannins and tingling microbubbles make our Golden Sparkler more than a drink — it’s a sensation.

Rosé: Savor the friendly notes of ripe strawberry and green melon with this rose sparkler that’s destined to delight. Dry and sophisticated with a faintly bitter finish, this crisp sparkling drink puts a rosy spin on any occasion.

Ruby: Lili Ruby delights in contrasts: bright and deep, refreshing and rich, sweet and tart. With notes of jammy cherry and hints of toasted oak, this bold red sparkler will give you a new appreciation for the depths of microbubbles.


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“The verjus-based bubbles redolent with honey and jasmine felt indulgent, and elevated beverage without alcohol”
Carrie Honaker,
Wine Enthusiast
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“Lili redefines non-alcoholic sparkling beverages.... get ready to lift a glass!”
Robbie Wilson,
Chef / Partner, BIRD DOG Restaurant
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“... the elegance of Lili makes it the perfect beverage for any occasion”
Matthew Biancaniello,
Chef & Author, Eat Your Drink
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Sparkler Trio