Meet Lili Golden Sparkler

We made the Golden first - it was the right place to start for bubbly. We love all our Lilis equally, so we can't say it's our favorite, but it is our first. We hope you enjoy every sip as much as we do.

Vibrant and complex, our Golden Sparkler has notes of citrus and jasmine balanced with fresh spearmint and sweet apples. No added sugar. Just real food ingredients, zesty bubbles, and velvety tannins.

What We Hear

A somm says… “Dry and complex, tannins pull forward, offering the perfect pucker, . On the nose, notes of mint linger, weaving into the sweetness of apple.”

A chef says… Lili Golden is a must have, perfect to pair with a simple goat cheese salad, white pizza with prosciutto or summer strawberry shortcake.

A friend says… “This was a mind-f*ck. I can’t believe there’s no alcohol.”


If you’re feeling fancy: Oysters, gruyere cheese, and grilled halibut.

If you’re feeling snacky: Fried chicken, cheese puffs, and apple pie a la mode.