Like bubbles, but better

Our Sparklers are all bubbles and no booze. Balancing sweetness and acidity, they're perfect for toasting moments big and small.
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Lili is hand-crafted from real fruits, teas, and botanicals. With expertly carbonated microbubbles, our Sparklers are refreshingly easy (and fun) to drink.

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Introducing our Sparklers

We spent years collaborating with sommeliers, chefs, and scientists to create a complex, yet easy to drink beverage. Our Golden, Rosé, and Ruby Sparklers are available in both bottles and cans for easy hosting, toasting, and Tuesday-night sipping.
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Good for
Whether you're cheersing a milestone or celebrating a parenting win, feeling fancy or feeling snacky — it's always the right time for Lili.

California born & raised

Lili started in our kitchen. We began making our own sparkling drinks when we wanted to take a break from booze and couldn't find anything to sip that hit the spot.

Today, Lili hails from the Santa Cruz mountains - just a stone's throw away from the Pacific Ocean. (Yes, it's as romantic as it sounds.)

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