Like bubbles,
but better

Our sparklers are all bubbles and no booze. Balancing sweetness and acidity, they're perfect for tasting moments big and small.

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Lili is hand-crafted from real fruits, teas, and botanicals. With expertly carbonated microbubbles, our Sparklers are refreshingly easy (and fun) to drink.

Introducing our Sparklers

We spent years collaborating with sommeliers, chefs, and scientists to create a complex, yet easy to drink beverage. Our Golden, Rosé, and Ruby Sparklers are available for easy hosting, toasting, and Tuesday-night sipping.

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California born & raised

Lili started in our kitchen. We began making our own sparkling drinks when we wanted to take a break from booze and couldn't find anything to sip that hit the spot.

Today, Lili hails from the Santa Cruz mountains - just a stone's throw away from the Pacific Ocean. (Yes, it's as romantic as it sounds.)

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